Credit in 2 minutes. Fill out the form and send your request. The processing time for these transactions is 2 to 3 working days. What is the credit without a Credit Checker? Step 2: Send documents and get a credit decision. I have my experience, my 2-minute credit history and how I can help you with your loan application.

Lightning credit in 2 minutes “Direct online engagement

Lightning credit in 2 minutes "Direct online engagement

If you have already applied for a loan, you know that this may take some time. First, a suitable loan must be determined, then the necessary documents must be submitted to the house bank, which must then be checked by the house bank. This credit check can take some time. Such a credit check can take some time. the customer is not obliged.

A loan is often only paid out after seven or 14 days. Such a long processing time is an obstacle for consumers who need a short-term loan. If you want to get a loan within a few days or at best after 24 hours, you should limit yourself to looking for a Blitz loan. An essential part of this special loan, as the title suggests, is a quick distribution of the loan amount.

A credit check is also carried out on a loan that is granted in the shortest possible time, but in an accelerated process so that the processing time can be greatly reduced. Since the bureaucratic processes are shortened, the complete loan processing is not as time-consuming as with a normal installment loan. More and more credit institutions decide on a loan on the same day and pay off the loan amount in the shortest possible time.

A flash credit is also conceivable for consumers


With a negative entry into Credit checker, many banking institutions do not check the creditworthiness as much as with a normal credit. It is not uncommon for credit institutions to rely solely on the information provided by the borrower on the registration form and to refrain from providing evidence of salary and employment.

However, this is usually only the case with smaller loan amounts. It must also be taken into account that all statements must be true, otherwise the house bank can reclaim the loan granted. The application can be made quickly and easily with a blind loan, as it is easy to submit such a loan to a direct or online bank online.

Most of the time, the search for a suitable loan is probably undertaken, because even if you are in a hurry, you should not resort to a credit rating comparison. Because that can be a cash game. When using a loan calculator, a credit comparison can also be carried out in a few minutes, so that you do not lose much time and quickly apply for the desired loan.

To search for a suitable takeover offer for a Blitz loan


It is only necessary to enter the desired type of loan in the calculator, as well as the required loan amount and the planned loan term. Based on these parameters, the best offers are determined in a few moments, so that the borrower has an overview of the individual service providers.

If you have decided on a Blitz credit, you can also get it straight away using the credit calculator. When filling out the registration form, it is necessary for the house bank to provide appropriate proof of the data, which can also be sent by email. If no proof is provided, a credit rating decision can be made after just a few hours, so that you have planning certainty on the same day and know whether you need to look for another provider or not.

A lightning credit, which requires proof of income and employment, can also be granted quickly because even in such cases, uniform procedures enable the credit to be processed quickly so that a borrower never waits for more than a few days for his lightning credit.